Mrs Clause Saves Christmas.

The elves are getting restless and Santa turns to his wife. “Look at me I’ve only got a week and I have to get my belly back, the children won’t recognise me if I stay this slim.”

“Slow down with the mince pies, husband, you’re eating them faster than I can cook them, you’ll give yourself a heart attack at this rate, or me!” She replied.

Meanwhile the elves were busy finishing off toys and opening the mail. The mail mountain was bigger than ever and they were in a panic about getting through it before the big day. They needed Santas help but all he was worried about was being fat and jolly, they needed to get him to work on these letters.

Santa sat down to an evening meal of mince pies and christmas pudding and he was definitely beginning to put on weight. Mrs Clause was losing weight with all the running around she had to do to fatten her husband for Christmas.

Every year the same rigmarole, she huffed as she made the next batch of Christmas puddings. Santa was oblivious to her moods, all he was interested in was food and lots of it. The elves brought him piles of letters to read but he had eventually slumped into a sugar coma and the elves had to do all of that work too. Normally he woke up after about twelve hours when this happened to him but this time it seemed he’d gone into hibernation.

Christmas eve arrived and the elves were still hard at work, Santa had expanded in his comatose state, the puddings finally doing their work but still he rested, gently snoring.

Mrs Clause had had enough, she’d fattened him up for the long night ahead, organised the letters for him and helped the elves get on top of the toy making. Still Santa slept. They prodded, shook and yelled at him but nothing was going to wake him, there was still an hour to spare and they kept trying to no avail.

Mrs Clause decided that it would have to be down to her, the elves were helpful but they would never get the job done, they liked to play too much. It would be down to her so she got dressed up like Santa and stuffed a big pillow down the jacket, the thought crossing her mind that had he done this they wouldn’t be in this mess, she walked out into the cold and to the waiting reindeer who visibly gulped when they saw the size of her, she showed them it was only a pillow and they relaxed. Flying off into the night.

Mrs Clause got around the world in record time and loved seeing all of the houses lit up, sparkling, awaiting her arrival. She was stunned by how magical it was, Santa had told her about it but she had never dreamed it would be this wonderful. She had an idea and whispered in Rudolph’s ear, his nose glowed brighted as he told the others about her plan.

They went around the world for a second time and sprinkled magic dust over every house and every person. Mrs Clause had wished for the world to be at peace and she knew now that she could do it what bemused her is why her husband never had.

The world woke up on Christmas morning to a feeling of great peace and love, all of the children were happy with their toys and Christmas was a huge success, wars stopped, world leaders spoke to each other and the world was a happier place. Even Santa woke up and felt good, if a little sheepish.

Thanks to Mrs Clause it was the best Christmas ever.


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