National Happiness Day – The Story.

Jackie stood in her bathroom in front of the mirror, dabbing gingerly at her nose and eye. She looked at her reflection her nose had stopped bleeding now and her puffy eye was taking on a beautiful shade of puce. She winced as she pressed too hard against the bruise. Her mind ran over what had brought her to this point.

It was International Happiness Day and she had woken up determined to make everyone’s day a little happier, it was her pledge and she’d always liked to look on the bright side of life. On her way to work she had smiled and said good morning to everyone she encountered, she was happy with the result, everyone smiled back at her.

When she got into work there were already people with their heads down working but she stopped at their desks and made conversation hoping to make them smile, pointing out that it was International Happiness Day. By lunchtime she had told everyone and was happy with her day. She spent the rest of her lunch hour telling people to smile or cheer up and eventually settled down to eat her lunch at her desk.

She heard her name being called and looked up, immediatly being hit in the eye with a tomato, a fluffy toy and strangely a rolled up pair of socks. Her workmates were smiling and laughing as the items landed on her.

Finally they were getting in the spirit of things and she smiled back at them reaching for something to throw back in return, for a moment the laughter stopped, she didn’t know why. Then she tasted blood running over her lip and into her mouth, no one was laughing now and there was a rush to make sure she was okay.

She was, although she would see the results of International Happiness Day for a while yet.

She smiled into the mirror and as the smile reached her eyes she winced, but in honesty she’d rarely felt so good.

Moral – don’t push your luck 😉

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