The Community – Offer.

A quick heads up. I am doing this offer (links below) now to give you a chance to catch up with Alex, local journalist, before book #3 (I really must get a title!) is released in the Autumn.

Check out the 5 star reviews ‘The Community’ & ‘Pictures of Deceit’. Here’s a few highlights.

‘I warmed straight away to Jack and Alex, the characters are believable and ‘real’.’

‘It’s an unusual mystery-cum-love story that kept me guessing almost until the end.’

‘My favourite thing about this book was its ability to tap into my imagination. So often I read books and end up using past life experiences to create my surroundings. Not with this one! I got lost in my own little world/fantasy.’

Right now “The Community’ is available for .99p for the UK

or .99c for the US

The Community

The Blurb –

A mystery and a love story that spans fifty years.

Jack still mourns his lost love but now he has more to worry about. His friend has died and Charmsbury’s local journalist, Alexandra Price, is getting closer to discovering The Community.

Alex has no idea as to the identity of the woman’s body that has been found in the park, but it leads her on a journey of discovering more about her home town than she could ever have imagined.

What connection could an unknown body, an abandoned baby, missing people and a triquetra have? She sets out to find some answers, unaware of how it will affect the people she loves the most.

“The Community’ is available for .99p for the UK

or .99c for the US




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