What Does Size Say About You?

Back to the graphology and the size of your handwriting. Normal handwriting will normally be about 2mm in size, of you look at a sample of your writing it should give you an idea of whether your writing is considered small or large.

If you tend to have small lettering it shows a tendancy towards being introvert, shy and not wanting to be in the limelight. Also very precise and organized. If your writing is unusually small it would suggest you have an eye for detail and like to analyse everything.

Large lettering supposes the opposite, you may be energetic, optomistic but be careful you may show a little arrogance. Very large lettering say over 5mm suggests vanity and pride.

Do you find there is little space between letters on the page. Do they crowd together and sometimes there appear to be no gaps? The good news here is it shows an  ability for concentration and prudence. If this is excessive and there really are no gaps it may indicate loneliness and pessimism.

Don’t worry you can always practice and change your handwriting, nothing is set in stone.

Do you notice how the fonts you choose to use on your computer also reflect the style you write in? So even using a computer can give away some tendances. So always end with a flourish and keep people guessing.

download (4)size

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