Weird Trends.

Is it just me that finds this odd?

Maybe it’s due to a lack of doctors in the UK, but my Facebook timeline is becoming frequently more overrun with photographs of people’s ailments?

First it was for kids, then all about cute cats and dogs, moved on the grandparents tagging their kids and grandkids, missing animals, trivia, motorbikes and finally now it’s turned into a giant doctors waiting room.

Is this what happens when our social media grows old along with us?

There may be over 2 billion users but I’m finding that most of them also have bites, boils, bunions, verrucas, abscess, broken teeth, bruising, broken limbs, varicose veins and a few unnamed diseases that they are begging for others to recognise. I am finding that they are increasingly only too pleased to share these stomach churning pics with everyone.

Maybe it’s time to get ahead of the game and start advertising nursing homes, it’s the next obvious progression.

retirement home


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