Proofing and Invites…

Exciting times, so much is happening. So I wanted to share a quick update with you.

Book  #3 ‘After the Light, After the Love’ is at the moment being proofed and is very nearly ready for release. The pre-orders are stacking up and I’m hoping you will enjoy it as much as the other two titles.

front final

Also after being talked into it, I will be appearing at the Evesham Literary Festival 2018 and quite possibly running a workshop for like minded authors. More details will be published here when I have them. So if you’re planning to go in June/July please let me know so we can meet up.



6 thoughts on “Proofing and Invites…

  1. Go you! Well done! Looking forward to book numero 3 when it out because Jay is over in the Uk at the moment and if I pre-order he can bring it back for me…He comes back 19th Nov ish 🙂


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