Halloween is out of the way now but I did go to see a storyteller who was travelling the south of England, luckily he had chosen to play at a local hostelry and I couldn’t resist a visit to go and watch him, the tour was called ‘Haunted’ and the gentleman goes by the name of ‘The Travelling Talesman’.

Ghastly, ghostly goings on….

If you should get the chance to see him, don’t hesitate. You will have a wonderfully spooky and fun evening, full of stories and singing. If you’re very lucky he may also be accompanied by Damian Clarke who will bring you musical accompaniment on the hurdy gurdy and the dulcimer.

The travelling talesman gathers his stories from myths and legends around the world and brings them to you in his unique performance style.


Check his website for more details. http://www.thetravellingtalesman.co.uk/

If you’re in the area he’s in Crediton tonight and Morchard Bishop on the 11th. Have fun.

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