Days of Gratitude #15

A friend started the 30 days of gratitude challenge and I thought it was a wonderful idea. You should stop by and check her poetry out she is an amazing poet.

So it’d be really nice if anyone would like to join in. It just gently reminds us that we have a lot to be thankful for, even on those days that it really doesn’t feel like it.

Day 15 = What season are you grateful for ?

Much as I love being warm and able to go on long lazy breaks when I can sit in the sun the season I really love is Autumn. All of those colours, rust, orange, red with wonderful sunsets and it’s still not too cold. Okay it’s also a time to dig out the warm clothing and treat yourself to a new pair of boots but look at nature around you. Starlings flying in formation is a wonderful sight, golden leaves falling off the trees supplying places for small animals to bed down, wildlife start coming closer to town to feed. Look out for those urban foxes. Then there’s the morning mists that blanket the countryside making it look like an unworldly scene.


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