A Story by Monkey

It will make you smile…

Its good to be crazy Sometimes

Once upon a time, there was a Queen named Trina and she ruled the land, she had a son,the prince called Monkey and 3 knights, O, D and L (his brother and 2 cousins)

One day a dragon came down and stole the King away,  the King tried to fight the dragon, but the dragon was invincible and took him away, so the Queen told monkey that if he got back the king, she would give him and his knights a chocolate bar. Monkey went and told his knights and they discussed which chocolate bar they could have.

So off they went on their horses’ and found the dragons lair and as they went to go into battle, they realised there was 2 dragons, which made them double invincible.

L said we need back up and Monkey said we don’t have any, so D said we should call the firemen…

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