After Dinner Pukka Tea.

There is nothing nicer than to sit down and write with a soothing cup of herbal tea beside me. Recently I was lucky enough to be asked by Pukka to trial one of their teas, the ‘After Dinner’ tea. These are entirely my thoughts on the outcome and I have not been asked to review or taken payment for this post.


I have always loved Pukka teas but I had never tried this one before, I’m very glad they asked me to try it out for a month, I happily agreed and got stuck in. The box is beautifully designed and looked enticing from the off. It claimed to help the digestive system, which for a tea I thought might be a long shot but I was committed to two cups a day for the month.


Pukka Teas Write up.

After Dinner tea is a wonderfully sumptuous tea for soothing digestion after your meal.  First, the luxurious taste of roasted chicory. Next, the calm of cardamom mingling with aniseed, followed by sweet fennel and licorice. You’ll find one slow sip following another. It could be the best course of the evening.


From the off I thought oh no not chicory (Not a fan) and fennel (not a fan of this either) but the blend was so subtle I was pleasantly surprised at what a good taste it was, it was a black tea so had a lot of flavour but no one herb was dominant. A lovely blend.

I generally have problems after eating creamy rich foods (lactose intolerant), I tend to feel over full and bloated but by week 2 of the testing I found there was none of that anymore, those effects had totally gone. So the claims that it soothes digestion in my case was completely accurate. I also found the tea was a very relaxing blend and found myself drinking it in preference to coffee. So as you can see, I think it’s a big hit, tastes great and soothes after a long hard day. What more could you ask of a cup of tea. I genuinely can’t see a downside to this ‘After Dinner’ tea.

Try it for yourself, stocked in most supermarkets and health food stores.  or on their website.

  • Fennel seed and aniseed are deliciously sweet
  • Chicory is wonderfully rich and nourishing
  • Cardamom seed gives a soothing aromatic flavour

Naturally caffeine free, 100% organically grown and ethically sourced. Plastic free teabags.

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