The Crime Scene.

   “Watch out!” Bill shouted. He sighed; it was always a challenge when they had a gathering of newbies. They would be into everything and always quick to disrupt the group. It was a game to them but very soon they would realise that murder was a serious game.

   “Lockdown the area and stop messing around!” They stopped what they were doing and looked at him like guppies at feeding time. “Now!” He added. They scrambled.

   He walked over to the body. A young man, mid-twenties at best, with a deep cut to the soft flesh of his throat. Caused by a large shard of glass from a broken bottle that had been used to craft the weapon. Of all the weapons available to man someone was sick enough to use this crude option and leave him to bleed out. Time of death approximately 11pm, obvious cause. He shook his head as he wondered about the future of the human race.

   All that was left to do now was to hunt down this danger to humanity. He’d pass it over to the newbies to sort out. That thought made him let out another sigh as he watched one of them throwing up in a bin, this game wasn’t for everyone. He walked off, his part in this sad story was complete.  


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