A Rich Vein For Writers

Living in a place like Glastonbury I sometimes take it for granted but days like yesterday make me realise how lucky I am. It’s a strange place that’s a lot of fun, pixie ears are seen as low key and normal for Glastonbury life. But yesterday is the day that visitors to our little town have little to no idea what’s going on. There’s a faery ball going on in the daytime there’s fae everywhere you look; outside cafes, shopping or fluttering up the Tor.As the sun starts to go down the faeries are getting ready for their big night out at the town hall. 

There’s warriors too.

If you turn your head to the monument in the market place you will find that part of town full of zombies.

Even the town crier takes on a different look….

As I say, a rich vein of inspiration for writers. Where else could you go and find faeries, warriors and zombies all getting along like old friends. I even saw Mr Blobby trying to get in on the act…. 

If I wrote a book about living here you’d never believe it, but we do have some serious fun here. 

You couldn’t make it up. 


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