Midnight Garden

The moonlight flooded the garden, it was a full moon and with no streetlights in the area it was almost as bright as in the day. Rose walked through the garden amidst the heady smells of honeysuckle and cut grass, she loved evenings like this, warm and bright. So much more evocative than the heat of the day and the bright burning sunlight. She wandered along the path brushing against plants that overhung the walkway, petals softly touching the bare skin of her arms. She walked until she reached a small area sectioned off, she hadn’t touched this part of the garden, yet still it grew in abundance. This had been her husband’s herb garden and his pride and joy, she looked down at the deep growth and smiled she truly believed he was still tending it from wherever he now resided, still taking care of the things he loved. He was always around her, she could feel him.

She bent into the foliage and plucked out a handful of Basil and smiled whilst silently mouthing ‘Thank You’, hoping her husband would hear her.

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