Here We Go Again.

Summer is drawing to an end, book 3 ‘After The Light, After The Love’ is on schedule, I am just waiting for my cover to come back to me before the final proof read commences. So what do I do whilst I wait? I write of course.

A new book is taking shape, slowly but surely, I’m right at the beginning but it’s looking promising and a new genre for me. So wish me luck… here we go again.

new genre

4 thoughts on “Here We Go Again.

  1. Good evening Steph of The Tor 🙂

    How the devil are you?

    Absolutely delighted to hear the cover art was completed – you kept that quiet hmmm? – and the new book already started. You’ve been busy, it must be the cat-fever you caught 🙂 You say a new genre, what would that be? I judge from the title of the last book that romance was your thing. You’ve tagged Mystery? Is that a clue left for sleuths and curious cats? 🙂

    Hoping your Bank Holiday went well and your week also continuing in that happy vein.

    Namaste 🙂


    P.S: I hoped your new book would be about wizards ;( lol

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    • Good evening.
      Ahhh I like to keep things quiet until they are sorted. No I don’t do romance… crime/mystery is my thing. I like a few bodies scattered around. http://Www.scrichmondauthor/
      I never do fantasy, there’s more than enough of that around these parts.
      I’m about to try my hand at a ghost story, we’ll just have to wait and see how that turns out.
      Hope you’re having a great, relacing evening.

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      • Hey Steph,

        Ahh, a secret squirrel eh? 😉

        No, not romance? I am quite obviously a poor judge of book titles. So, crime/thrillers are your thing, interesting, and a reasonable haul of corpses a keen indulgence? What inspired crime and thriller? Do you have a dark side Steph? lol 🙂

        Never do fantasy? Really? Why, just the other evening you were wearing the pink wig, as I recall lol 🙂 For ‘charity’!

        Have you ever considered cross-genres and mixing it all up a bit?

        Oooh, a ghost story, now that sounds good. Nothing better than a good haunting following a thrilling crime committed in a fantasy land on a planet in space where romance is a genre all of its own.

        I used to work in a supermarket. Long working hours inspire one to reach for amusement. I would try to make stories up out of the names of biscuits. Such that a Penquin called Rocky who was eating a KitKat was tied up with a Blue Ribbon by a Bandit who later made his Breakaway in a Taxi driven by a United supporter! My days used to fly by lol 🙂

        I find it difficult to relax per se, my mind whirls constantly, but thank you, my evening and my day have both been most agreeable, thank you. And you Steph? Is your evening a pleasure?

        Namaste 🙂



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