Setting The Scene.

Hope your work in progress is going well and everything is going to plan.

I hope this will help a little with setting your scenes, or you may have some tips of your own.

How do you set your scenes?  We’ve all read books that either have no atmosphere or have so much description they become boring, so how’s it done to keep the readers interest?

First of all if you’re writing about somewhere that exists you won’t be able to get away with just looking at Google maps if you want to be convincing, you really need to visit the area and get a feel for the place. Not so much for road layouts, sure you can use a map for that but for the feel of the place and the people and those little secret places that the internet just doesn’t reach.


It’s all about using your senses, what can you smell? Is there a local bakery or Indian restaurant that add to the smells of traffic or flowers. What can you see and hear, noisy town center or a quiet private area, cars, people or animals? What feeling does the place give you? If you can add some of these things into your writing without overdoing it you can set the scene perfectly.


As a contradiction, you could also leave some information to the imagination allow the reader to fill in some gaps themselves, it will hope more interest. After all how many times have you heard someone say that the film was nothing like you imagined from the book? It’s a fine balance but at least give your reader something to work with. click to find my books 😉

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